2019 Nissan Titan Towing

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2019 nissan titan towing small boat with trailer

The 2019 Nissan Titan towing capacity ranges from a powerful standard 9,660 pounds to an incredible 12,710 pounds with the Titan XD. From weekend drives around Glenn Allen or daily heavy-duty hauling, the Titan family covers the wide range of pickup needs and uses. Take a deep dive into the 2019 Nissan Titan’s performance below with our Nissan of Richmond experts.

Nissan Titan Towing and Performance Specs

With either the standard Titan or the Titan XD, your pickup comes equipped with the same powerful 5.6L ENDURANCE® V8 engine. This generates a staggering 390 hp and 394 lb-ft of torque, and our service experts have outlined the the standard Nissan Titan towing capacity below:

2019 Nissan Titan 4×2 Towing Capacity:

  • With Crew Cab – 9,380 pounds
  • With King Cab – 9,450 pounds
  • With Single Cab – 9,660 pounds

2019 Nissan Titan 4×4 Towing Capacity

  • With Crew Cab – 9,240 pounds
  • With King Cab – 9,250 pounds
  • With Single Cab – 9,540 pounds

The standard Titan brings the perfect mix of power and efficiency for most jobs, but if you absolutely need more for your Mechanicsville work, the Titan XD has an available upgrade to maximize power for the hardest tasks. Meet the 5.0L CUMMINS® turbocharged diesel engine, which ups the truck’s performance to 555 lb-ft of torque! Explore the Nissan Titan XD capacity below:

2019 Nissan Titan XD 4×2 Towing Capacity

  • With King Cab – 12,480 pounds
  • With Single Cab – 12,710 pounds

2019 Nissan Titan XD 4×4 Towing Capacity

  • With Crew Cab – 11,960 pounds
  • With King Cab – 12,120 pounds
  • With Single Cab – 12,430 pounds

For those work-hard weekdays and those play-hard weekends around Henrico, the Titan options include available gooseneck towing equipment, Nissan Intelligent Mobility™, and Trailer Light Check technology.

Nissan Titan Payload and Bed Dimensions

Of course, not all jobs and weekend adventures require you to hook up a trailer. If you’re planning on hitting the road with just a bed of cargo, you should keep these Titan payload and bed dimension specs in mind:

  • The Nissan Titan payload capacity varies depending on the cab you select. For instance, if you opt for the Single Cab, the payload capacity caps off at more than capable 1,930 pounds for the Titan, and whopping 2,990 pounds for the Titan XD.
  • With each of the three bed sizes available for the standard 2019 Nissan Titan, you also have three available cabs: the Single Cab comes with a 98.5-inch bed, the Crew Cab features a 67-inch bed, and the King Cab offers a gigantic 78.7-inch bed.
  • Keep in mind the Titan XD has only two options; however, both are everready for the toughest jobs: a 78.7-inch for Crew and King Cab, or a 98.5-inch for a Single Cab.

Optimize Your Nissan Titan Towing and Cargo

Although the Nissan Titan offers plenty in its factory standard, it also offers a number of utilitarian features to make your workload that much easier.

Here are a few of our experts’ favorites:

  • LED bed lighting
  • Lockable bed storage
  • Utili-track® multi-channel system
  • 120-V in-bed power outlet

Be sure to check out our parts specials to take advantage of everything your Titan has to offer, and explore our research guides to learn even more about the 2019 Nissan Titan performance.

Meet the Nissan Titan at Nissan of Richmond!

After exploring the 2019 Nissan Titan towing capacity, we’re sure you’re eager to get behind the wheel. Stop by our showroom in Richmond for a test drive in your new Titan, and be sure to contact us if you’d like to learn more about these incredible pickups. Also be sure to check out Nissan Frontier towing to ensure you’re taking home the truck you need.

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